Virginia Driver Improvement Course | Reasons for Attendance
Court Ordered - No Safe Driving Points Assigned

Select this option if you need to complete an 8-hour driver improvement course for court purposes. No safe driving points will be assigned to your record when you choose this option. In the rare case that you are court ordered and they will allow safe driving points to still be assigned to your record, you will be required to submit documentation from the court to verify that.

Virginia DMV-Ordered

Select this option if you have been ordered by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to complete an 8-hour driver improvement course. Most customers who select this option will have received 12 demerit points (negative points) on their driver license within a 12-month period, or 18 points within a 24-month period. You can also select this option if your license has been suspended by the DMV for accumulation of too many points.

Voluntary for Safe Driver Points

The Virginia DMV allows a driver to voluntarily complete a driver improvement course in order to have five (5) safe driving points (positive points) added to his or her driver license. These points are in addition to the safe driver points a driver receives each year for driving without committing any traffic violations.

Voluntary for Insurance Discount

Virginia law (38.2-2217, Virginia Code) states that any driver over the age of 55 who voluntarily completes a driver improvement clinic will receive a mandatory auto insurance discount from his or her insurance provider. Virginia drivers 55 and under who complete the course might also be eligible for an auto insurance discount up to 15% for taking this course. Please contact your insurance company or agent to find out if you are eligible for the discount and how it will be applied to your insurance premium.

Voluntary for Fleet Training / Other

Employers in increasing numbers are directing their employees who drive company vehicles to attend our online driver improvement course. The result is that these companies are able to increase their profit margin by reducing safety risks, property loss, and down time. Select this option if your employer, safety manager, or supervisor has asked you to complete a driver improvement course, or if you would simply like to brush up on your defensive driving skills.

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