Florida 8-Hour Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI)

The 8-hour Florida Traffic School course, also known as "Intermediate Driver Improvement" or IDI, is an option given to drivers who have already taken a 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement course for a Florida traffic ticket within the previous year. In most cases, drivers who attend this course will not receive points for their traffic citation.

This option is generally available to drivers on a county-by-county or court-by-court basis. Drivers who need to take the course for this reason will have signed an affidavit indicating that they are electing to attend the 8-hour course. In some cases, a driver might be ordered by a Florida judge or court to attend this course, and points might or might not be assessed for the offense at the discretion of the court.

IDI courses are not regulated by the Florida DHSMV and therefore are not "State approved." DTA's online 8-hour traffic school course is accepted by all Florida counties that offer the 8-hour traffic school option to drivers.

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